Heidelberg Spectralis OCT laser eye scanner

Our Heidelberg Spectralis OCT laser eye scanner

Laser Eye Scanner

We are proud to possess a hospital grade laser Ocular Coherence Tomography Scanner (OCT) called a Heidelberg Spectralis with anterior segment imaging, glaucoma premium module and multicolour imaging.

The scanner uses harmless laser diodes to 3D scan the retina and optic nerve. It is invaluable in detecting the treatable wet macular degeneration and also detects early nerve damage with glaucoma. The scanner will also detect problematic changes with diabetic retinopathy and can monitor change with dry macular degeneration, macular degeneration being the most common cause of blindness in the western world. These instruments are normally only found in the hospital environment. This scan is available to anyone who requests it for a small charge, not just our patients and enables people to get thorough screening without having to leave their existing optician. We currently also use this valuable diagnostic equipment to monitor patients at risk of developing glaucoma on behalf of the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital.

If you want a comprehensive screening, which is the eye equivalent of an MRI scan, then this is the procedure of choice. The device will pick up microscopic changes in your eyes and will also compare your eyes with a large database of people the same age as you who are known to have normal eyes. This very advanced technology should not be confused with the older much more basic retinal photography which is widely available on the high street.